Rent Agreement - early vacation issue

Hi, I have a rent agreement in Bangalore signed from 1st Feb, 2014 for 11 months period. I think the validity of the agreement will be till 31st Dec as we have 11 months agreement? I have informed my owner for house vacation on 20th Nov'14 and told him i will vacate by 25th Dec'14. The owner is denying to give the deposit back to me on day of vacation even it is clearly mentioned in agreement that advance will be given on day the tenant will vacate the house. We have notice period of 3 months to intimate for vacation. Even he is telling that he has dependency on new tenants to come in and then only he can reimburse the advance. Is this correct? Also, he is telling that he will take rent for period even after I vacate the house.Is this legal? What can I do to ensure I get my advance on day of vacation? What happens in case neither owner nor tenant tells for vacating the house and agreement expires on 31st Dec as in my case?Does owner has to give the advance once the agreement expires automatically? or still tenant has to inform owner in advance that they will vacate the house when the agreement expires automatically? please advice?