Apartment association threatening with arbitrary fines.

Hi, Here is my problem in detail.. - In my apartment we have something called as monthly maintenance charges which are used for amenities such as power-backup, housekeeping,security etc... - Recently the association members(none of them is elected by proper election) had a GBM in which they decided to collect corpus fund of 1lakh. Out of this 40,000/- is to be used for manjeera and rest for corpus contribution. - The collection of this amount is via. post dated monthly OR quarterly OR one time post dated cheques. - They required the manjeera amount by Nov 2014 and final monthly installment of corpus amount is in Feb2016. Anyone not paying by this plan is subjected to some arbitrary fines. - My problem is that I was ready to give 40,000/- in the month of Nov2014 and rest 60,000/- in the month of Feb2016, however association doesn't agree to it and is asking me to pay arbitrary fines along with whole amount. - Now they are threatening to cut off powerback and other amenities inspite of me paying for them on time. - What options do I have please advice. -Hyderabad