Transfer of property which is jointly registered by two brothers

Three years back I purchased a flat. Since that time my salary alone was not eligible for the loan amount what i needed, So i included my younger brother's pay slip along with mine. Based on which i got my required loan amount. Since loan was sanctioned based on both of our salary calculation, during the flat registration it got registered on the name of both (Co ownership). Since i was the primary owner, Also i am the only person who is paying the complete EMI along with initial payments i made. My brother has no contribution in this property. Now he wanted to buy a property for himself so now i wanted to transfer the complete ownership of the property on my name (He is very much agreed as he understand he has not contributed anything but just instrumental in getting my required loan amount). Now in this 3 years my salary has increased by two times. Please let me know the best option through which this property can be transferred solely on my name without having any complication in the future. I will be very thankful for your suggestion.