Seeking divorce

I am married for last 4 years. My age is 33 and hers age is 24 years. I have a small business and my wife is a student. We have no children. She is studying MBBS final year ( 6 month internship left ). From last few months my wife is showing indifference towards me and then 3 weeks before she decided to go and live with her parents. Now she is saying that she does not want to live with me anymore. Me and my family are trying to convince her but no success. My father also talked to her father but her fathers view is also same that she should live in their house. Her father asking (indirectly said )us to initiate the divorce process. My first question is, Is there any harm in initiating the divorce petition ? Moreover, I have seens in some posts regarding not filling RCR , I talked to one lawyer and he advised me to file RCR first as a precaution and then proceed with the divorce. While leaving the house, she had lefts note stating that she does not have any issue with any member of the family. But still she does not want to live with us. Will that note protect us from 498 A. In case she tries to file complaint, if we file RCR petition. Now, I am confused how should i proceed. If I file divorce and they refuse it then on what basis I can claim divorce. Second question is regarding Alimony or maintenance: I was reading that now she can claim in my property as well as my fathers property also according to Amendment 2010. Can you please tell something about that. The way she had behaved and ruined my 4 years, I dont want to give her a penny. Even I have spent alot on her education requirements. Also, because my business is in different city I had to travel back and forth so that i shall be there when she required. In that I had to compromise with my business. Can you please suggest what should be the best way to proceed towards divorce, if they dont agree mutually and without paying alimony to them. I would really appreciate an early reply and thank you in advance for you kind support.