How to get Return of article immediately

Hi sir/madam, I am balaji from kpm , actually i have few doughts for my sister's divorce case.kindly clarify the below things. Details: my sister got married Nov 2012. her life was so good,but her husband file a divorce case (12 B section) on family court after 4 months,Trial still goes on, he lied and submit a private doctor mental certificate proof for she is mentally challenged , but its not a true still we proved she is in normal, for past of 2 years he didn't attend the trial but we go to attend and give presence in front of the judge.we urged to return our articles and jewels but he didn't gave it and don't care of it.judge told two times to gave our articles but he don't gave us because behind of he's lawyer brother. Finally we filed a case (125 sec) against he in criminal court for return of article(sreedhan) & ask maintenance cost,but these trials also goes for past 5 months he didn't attend and will not give a proper reply. Doughts: 1) In Family court , he wont come and attend the trial what action they will take against him. 2) what is the procedure to get our articles(sreedhanam) immediately. 3) In criminal court he wont attend the trial what action they will take. 4) what is the procedure to file a maintenance cost. I need a justice for this case,kindly help me and give a resolution for this case. Thanks & Regards Balaji