Hello Sirs. I am a 77 year old man, having 3 married sons and 2 married daughters. I was working under Central Government while my children were studying in schools. After marriage of my 2 daughters, I sold my house owned by my father and purchased a new house in my name. After shifting there, all three sons got married. 2 sons are now living separately with their family. I transferred the house property owned by me in my third son's name around 6-7 years back, and gave certain amount in cash to my two other sons, of which I have no proof. Thus, bringing settlement between all my sons. The son, to whom I transferred my property is taking care of me and I am residing with him only. One of my other two sons has now got a dispute with his two brothers over a general issue. He has now made it a prestige issue. He comes day and again to apprehend my son, who is the owner of my house property, that "I will not leave you, will see after father's death, and will not let you live a peaceful life, will drag u into litigation over property issue" and bla bla bla. Now, I am afraid what will happen after me? My wife is already dead. I apprehend that my sons will fight over property issue, after me. I wish to avoid that. Can my son who is apprehending my son (the owner of my house property), bring any genuine property (my house property) dispute after my death? If yes, what precaution I can take while I am alive, to avoid such legal disputes after death. Plz suggest. Thank you. Hotu Ram Gandhi