Address change issue with a insurance policy company

Hi Sir, Although I have a very simple problem but I have been stuck in it for a month. I have an insurance policy with a insurance company.In the year 2013 when I moved to a new place(from New delhi to Noida)I made a change in address online through website by logging into my account and filling the online form for address change and attaching the address proof and I was given a ticket number for this.After some days the ticket was closed successfully after making the required address change.Now after some months in 2014 when I logged into my account and checked my address its again reflecting the old address.So I called on the customer care and raised the issue and sent them ticket no. on which my address was successfully updated and the email that I had got after successful updation of my address.They told me that they will update the mistake in 48hrs.Its was not done after 48 hrs so I called again, so again I had to narrate the entire incident to the customer care personel and he told me that I should update it manually by taking their service request form and submit it manually with address proof.So I reminded that I had already updated it online and they just need to correct their mistake.But they are just giving me a new request number every time I call and they simply send a mail that it has been updated in the system.But this has not been done.So like this I have to call them every time explain my entire incident to every customer executive and they say it will be resolved but its never done.Can I file a mental harassment case against them asking for compensation and get the problem resolved.If so where should I go and whom should I contact?Can I do it online?