faurding with intension to cheat

Sir, My friend brother in law was arrested in a land case recently based on a case given by a business man. accordingly to the Business man my friends brother in law along with his friend has shown certain land for sale to him and taken money about 2 crore and fail to deliver the land and money. Business man called my friends brother-in-law to his house on the day of arrest for a discussion on arrival my friends brother-in-law was arrested his computer, car and mobile was confiscated. on 15 day he his bail petition was accepted by the session court as he was to be released at about 5 pm the business man file another case in different police station and they arrest my friends brother-in-law, since it is already late he is again sent to judicial custody. About the charges and details is not full known to me, but would like to known can the person keep filing case in different police station to kept some in judicial custody? Will he get bail? how long will it take under normal circumstance. {Even I or my friend is not aware of all the charges framed} Thanks you