Physical,Financial Exploitation with false marriage commitment

Dear All, I am a 31 year old female got married in this March, a guy in my Office age 25 years old became friends and took advantage of my adjustment problems with my husband in initial months. He lend me shoulder when i was emotionally broken. he proposed to mefor marriage and then he forced me to resign from the company as he didn't want anybody know about us. Later when i resigned he started forcing me not to have physical relations with my husband and to have it with him. i completely spoilt my family life and started going with him to hotels when he promised that he will marry me after a year as he need to settle down first in a year. he kept asking for financial favours also time to time n i kept helping him as much as i could. around a month back when i insisted him to give me the assurance of the month when we would get married so that i can proceed for divorce his behaviour changed and 2 weeks back he suddenly messaged me that he spoke to his parents but they denied so he cant marry me. I feel so broken, shattered and cheated as i already am at the position where everything has spoilt. i tried convincing him make him normal but he was not ready to listen to me. now he blocked me from everywhere. He even threatened me for my life and for defaming me. Please let me know can i file a complaint against him? What he did was completely an act of inhumanity. I just want him to get a punishment for what he did as my life is all ended now. His parents are also supporting him.