Draft point on Alimony and Custody of Child if on mutual point

Kindly suggest good draft lines on Alimony and Custody of child if the case is like this: 1. No alimony claimed by wife - so it should be for permanent settlement of past , present and future) "That Petitioner No. 1(wife) undertakes not to claim any maintenance past, present and future, dowry articles, jewellery, clothes, istridhan etc. from the Petitioner No. 2 in future" - is it ok from the husband side? 2. Custody of 2 children - with wife -: "It is mutually agreed between parties that Petitioner No. 1 shall have permanent custody of both the children and Petitioner No. 2 shall never claim custody of the children during his lifetime and further the Petitioner No. 2 shall be seized to claim any right with respect to both the children henceforth" 3. General point on claim - to clear all for future: "That in view of the compromise between the parties, no dispute remains pending between parties and the Petitioners would not make any claim whatsoever against each other as agreed and after dissolution of the marriage" "That both the Petitioners undertake that no party shall claim anything from the other party including properties etc. " Kindly give your expert comments on the same . Thanks and regards