My former employer is not paying me.

Hello everyone! I am Varunadittya Jadwal from Jaipur (Rajasthan). I have been working as an article writer for a guy (or a team that' s what he used to say) since March 2014 and everything was fine. I didn't see his face nor knew his business address, we used to communicate over Google Hangout. Apparently I got to know that he lives in some southern part of India as the telephone operator used to speak in south Indian language over the phone. He used to pay me twice in a month but eventually i wasn't able to adjust with the payment method as it was not regular. So finally on October 18 2014 I dropped the final invoice of Rs. 2535 and asked him to process it. He said it'll take some time and will process it after Diwali vacations. I was patient but tried to stay in touch. He used to answer my phone calls till Diwali but started ignoring my calls and messages after it. He said that even he is waiting for a payment and will process my money as soon as he gets it. Even if he's facing loss in the business, by law it is his duty to pay me for the work I have accomplished. Then after a lot of legal threats, on November 15 2014 he mailed me that my invoice will be cleared till the end of November. It has been December 2 today and he is not reverting to my messages and not answering my phone calls. I am a student and used to write articles as a part time job. My father is a businessman and when I consulted him about this he said there is no need to worry about such small sum. I have cautioned the employer a lot of times about the consequences he will face for internet fraud but he is just not convinced that I'll file for claim. I need assistance in knowing that what is the legal way to get my money. Though the amount is small but it is my hard earned money and I just cannot let it go. Kindly guide me on this one. - Varunadittya Jadwal