my land lord is threatening me

Dear Sir, I rented a apartment in jharsuguda, Odisha from December 2011 till date. an agreement was made between me and the owner stating rent seven thousand, security deposit of 12000/- and notice period of two months from either side. i continued to stay in the said apartment till date. now my company has offered my accommodation to which i agreed so i informed my owner that i will be vaccating the house in the month of jan as soon as i gave the notice period his attitude changed. during the course of my stay as the market price has gone down we mutually agreed on a discounted rent of 4500/- wef march 2014. i have paid him money till october but at first he said that i have to pay him novemeber rent, after that i have to stay till feb 2014 to complete security deposit and then only i can vaacate if not so i have to pay him money. to which i did not agreed. today morning i sent him an sms mentioning yesterdays discussion that we ahd and i wrote to adjust nov, dec, & jan month rent in my security deposit and if any extra is coming i shall pay it. to which he is replying that he has no securtiy deposit with him, and my rent is due since march 2014 which i shall pay immediately and then vaccate the house else he will house arrest me. plz help me what to do.