IT Company service certificate

Hello I am working for IT (MNC) in pune for last 4 years . I am a graduate , To be frankly i have joined in this IT company with fake experience . Company has done BGV(back ground verification ) at the time of joining and i did cleared that verification . That consultancy was managed everything . All goes well , and i started working sincerely and very hard working (24 x7 ) . Did received many appreciation from Company management as well as Client (USA customer ) . Received min One lakh to 1.5 Lakh hike every year from the date of join to till now . Due to my skill and technology expertise , Company processed H1B VISA as well . i do have valid VISA now . All went fine till here . Now the company asked us(all the employees) to submit all the exp ,education,address proofs for BGV (Back ground verification ) by third party . Here the tension started , Consultancy which i used to join the current company was not there . it was closed permanently ( was in fake companies list in Google ) . If i give the same company documents ,sure they will get to know its fake company(consultancy ) because no phone number ,no site information , no office details are available. Now need suggestions on below questions 1. submit same documents and let them know that company was closed almost 3 years back and i left that company before that . when i was working it was good company , later i was not aware what happened . (in case if they say fake ). 2. Worst case ,if current company decided to withdraw employment without giving service (experience certificate ),resignation letter . what will be my options , ( its 4 years experience ) , am i able to file a case for getting my service certificate . In this case company can also file a cheating case ? or not ? Please suggest Initial BGV ,at the time of joining was cleared and all were verified that time . For getting into Company i have used fake exp documents ,its wrong i knew , but we don't have any option (80 % of the people do the same in all the IT companies ) . I did cleared 4 rounds of interview and did worked 24 x 7 after joining . My manager used to tell that i am capable of project lead/tech lead ,used to handle L3/L4 tasks . But all these they don't consider when they get to know that i was fake exp guy .