School negligence

My 6 year old son, who is studying in UKG class, was injured in play group school in Pune. When he playing with his friend in school premises during lunch time. My Son had under gone minor surgery with 3 stitches on head and four days rest at home and 15 days not allow play any outdoor games. I requested to school management to share/show CCTV footage, but school management denied showing CCTV footage and giving reason that CCTV camera is not functioning. I also asked school management to refund 6 months fees because 6 months already have been studied and I paid them one year fees. But again school management said, once fees paid, will not be refundable. Currently my child going to the same school to complete his study, after completion this year, we will move him to other school. I am also searching NGO or other institutional that can help us in this situation. I just want to know, what is provision in Indian law in this situation? For any further action against to school management, I think I have to wait till Apr-2015, once my child education complete with the same school. I am new in this website, As I m posting my query into forum section in this website. If this not right section for this query then please let me know, where I can post my query in this website.