dissolution of marriage under muslim law

I am a Delhi based 28 years old boy right now working with a orissa based PSU and settled in Bhubaneswar from last 4 years approx. I was married to a Delhi based girl on 25.12.2012 and after that she came with me to Bubaneswar in the month of Jan'2013. After coming back to Bhubaneswar with my newly married wife i started facing lot of difficulties as she was not able to adjust. Initially i thought these were just temporary issues and will get resolved slowly with some time. so I tried to manage till 24th may'2014, on this day she left for home her and never came back. On 12th of oct'14 she filed a case against me in Darul Qaza (All india muslim personal law board) New Delhi. We submitted our reply and finally 11th nov'14 was the hearing date of our case. On that day Qazi of Darul Qaza tried to counsel us for about 2 hours but her final stand was to get separated. After listening both the parties Qazi asked me to give her one talak bayan on her request and the same was documented in their records (of course in urdu). Finally I pronounced 1 talak bayan to my wife and released her. Now being an PSU employee i need to submit a divorce declaration in my office, hence we asked the qazi sahab to issue one order of talaq on their letter head. On our request they issued us a order stating that the girl is no more wife of the boy. I submitted the copy of urdu order with english translation in my office. After 8 days or so the HR department has rejected my divorce declaration by referring to the the verdict of writ petition (civil) 386 of 2005 (vishaw lochan madaan v/s Union of India). please look into the matter and kindly advise me what should be my next course of action. in case of any other details is required please feel free to ask that.