Dear Sir, We ECIL TV Service Engineere's Union had filed a case for regularization in the Mumbai High Court, as we were in continuous contract with the company for a period of 10 to 15 years i.e.we had put in a minimum 240 days of work, besides submitting various documents proving the existence of Master & Servant Relationship and thus eligible for permanacy and we were referred to Bombay Labour tribunal IT 44 of 1993 and the award went against us as one of our members had given contrary statements as a witness, and this it seems resulted in our losing the case. we approached the H'ble Mumbai high court (1341 of 1996 (C) which upheld the existence of Master&Servant relationship and referred us back to Labour tribunal for further adjudication.Against this the ECIL approached the H'ble Supreme Court 4573 of 2005 civil ,Here also we feel our witness's statement only made us lose this case and it set aside the verdict of H'ble Mumbai High Court.Last year we had filed a review petition with the H'ble Supreme which again was negative. Is there any legal remedy available to us now for reopening the IT Award and is there any chance for us in winning the case Thanking you Yours' sincerely Sampat Pisal