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Basically I am from Hyderabad, I was doing contract job in Singapore due to my economical commitments/responsibilities. That time I got married a Chennai based girl from upper middle class. She was also working in Singapore. An dour Marriage went on last year on behalf of both parents and we did not accept dowry. After marriage she told me to help their parents economically for some period and I did not accept that and later we have transferred amount for 5 months when we were in Singapore. This money transfer scenario has created bad impression on their family. After 5 months I have learnt that she had love afire before marriage and that guy filed a Cheating case against her and their family members in Chennai Hi-Court. And also understood that my wife already had economical transaction with her ex-lover before marriage, this matters aware of their parent too. But we have info on this. On moral ground and considering her future, myself and our parents are accepted to continue marriage life with her. Due to criminal cases against her Singapore government rejected her Visa and no room for her stay in Singapore. This Situation led me to force resign my job in Singapore and Came back to India. In between some words are exchanged between both the families. After all this I have no interest to send her to their home for sometime and Even I have no interest go their home. Finally I have understood that her family members expecting economical support from our end in the future , for this I am quite opposite. And also their family members giving wrong directions and negative inputs to her. Now she is 3 months pregnant and Their family asked us to send her a month to their home but we have not accepted to send her for 5 days. As per their views our understanding is that I should go Chennai, work myself and wife to their family. Though I have no interest to send her to Chennai, I have accepted for 5 days visit. They have rejected this offer and asking for 1 month stay. I have rejected their proposal, this one month period any thing can happen as per my experience. And we both are not have some gaps. After marriage couple of times She has visited her parents house and every return I had bad experience in terms the way she replies me and all. Basically I have come to India to Stay with her always and gain better understanding in our marriage life. But their parents disturbing lot with their stupidity and unnecessary matters. I have asked them do not disturb us but they are keep on disturbing me and also I have no proper co-operation from my wife side. Now she is on bail and still that case is not closed. In future the case against her may show impacts on any foreign opportunities. Now I am not considering this case and future foreign visits. But her family members are black mailing, spreading allegation by hiding actual facts in my relatives and planning to physically damage me. Still we have hidden all cases and bail matters and in view of family reputation. Now I have no peace, no job, no proper support from her, their family disturbing me lot and economically not stable. Unable to prepare for new job in India. I have explained my situation couple of times, still they are not understanding my situation. With my good initiative I have completely failed at this moment and I have no positive hope. I need a advice. I do not want any disturbance, need peaceful life and also have fear on life. Please help me in this regards. How I can protect my self and my family with their acts. In case I seek for divorce from her what legal obligations have to face. Presently I am staying with my wife,parents and a brother. I am the main source for my family. Please help in this regards. Thanks.