Anomalous interest and penal charges

Respected Sir/Madam, I am Sivasubramanian.V , working as a system engineer for Siemens at Bangalore . I happened to borrow through an online loan forum named Vote4Cash for a personal emergency and have been a customer with them for the past 3-4 months. I totally have four accounts with the company under my control for which I stand as the sole responsible person for the repayment of the outstanding dues of all these accounts under my control. This is to highlight the fact that the charges imposed by this agency is definitely not in line with the Government norms. Moreover , the agency claims that they are not controlled or regulated by any Government rules and none including the CM of the state can question them on their policies and procedures. It is a fact that people are tortured badly by this agency in case they fail to make a payment on the repayment date. This agency reports to the company where the borrower works without the consent of the borrower and also contacts the peers and relatives of the borrower from his/her facebook profile. The procedure followed to borrow from this agency is as below 1) User logs into or download the vote4cash app from google play store 2) Fill all details online (personal cum professional) 3) Agency verifies and credits the money to the account within few hours The maximum that a person can borrow is 20,000 and the maximum tenure that he/she can opt for is 30 days and the repayment amount is 29,250 on the 30th day. If the borrower fails to pay on the 30th day , the loan account gets lapsed and the borrower lands in a miserable state where the penal charges can take the total outstanding even upto a lakh just within a minimal period for just 20K what the person has borrowed. The interest charged by this agency is close to 50% per month for the amount borrowed which is definitely not in accordance to the Government norms. The penalty charged by this company after the loan gets lapsed is as mentioned below Approximately Rs.500 or even more per day + 1.5% of the total outstanding as on date I have not at all denied to repay the money. I have requested for some time to close the due with the nominal interest and late fees charged on the outstanding. The agency claims abruptly that even the CM of the state cannot control them and question on their policies or procedures. I have the company's email stating the above that was sent to me. I definitely don't have an intention to cheat the company as I work for a respectful company holding a respectable position as systems engineer. This agency is based out of Hyderabad , Himayath Nagar and the contact details of this agency can be found on