Jamabandi/Revenue Mutation

Hlo I m sarabjeet and I m from Punjab. We had a plot of measuring 1000 square yards. He sold 200 yards in March 2008 n registry was done in April 2008. But the intkaal(change of name of owner in govt revenue recorde) was not done for few days. My father had took a loan in 2002 on another property n it was decree in 2004. And magistrate in April 2008 attaches our plot of 1000 yard in that loan case. So due to attachment of plot intkaal was not done. Attachment was done after the registry of 200 yards n before the intkaal. So intkaal was not done. My father had expired in 2012. Yesterday I had checked the new jamabandi in which the intkaal was done for 200 yards in 2011 even if it attached by the orders of magistrate. Now I have the possession of whole. Plot. But how it is possible. To done intkaal when whole plot is already attached in another case by the orders of magistrate. N the person to whom 200 yard was sold who made the intkaal done further sold 200 yard to someone n again intkaal was done. So please suggest me can i register criminal case against Patwari n the person who purchase 200 yard plot.