Passport enquiry

Hello, I am a student of IIT ********* and I applied for the passport last year in november,2013.But due to not having the proper Birth-Certificate, I went to passport office in May,2014.After that my police verification has been done as per my permanent address and present address. On my present address,I refused to pay th money asked by the police-officer who was processing my application.But due to my uncle(Journalist),He processed my application.Here in IIT campus ,I did the verification process in july. Now two days back,when I checked my passport status ,I got to one object letter which states that "You have one criminal case pending against you as per the Police Verification Report",about which I don't have any idea. I went to IIT's concerned person who sees this matter and He directed me to go to SP -Crime to know which case is pending against me.I do have suspect that the person to whom I refused to pay the bribe made the wrong report.As LIU(Local Intelligence Unit) got money from my father for the passport verification process. Kindly help me with this as I have to apply for higher studies and my application is already in process to some countries.I will be glad for your support. Thanks