Before 2 years ago i.e in 2012 , a friend of my sister had commited sucide, and I was held responsible for that.Her family had alleged that I have threatened her to commit sucide. They bribed the police and I was arrested and sent to Juvenile jail for 4 days,..Later I was released on bail. The local newspapers also highlighted me as the culprit ,but the real fact was put under the carpet. The real story behind the scene was ... Neha was a close friend of my sister. One day my sister told my mom that she going to a marriage ceremony with her friend Neha. And after that no one knew where she was..,when called, her phone was found to be switched off. We were afraid. I went to the nearest police station to lodge an FIR..The police officials advised me to search for her in her friends house..so I went to Neha's place and found her at home. Infront of her whole family, I enquired her about my sister. But to my surprise she relplied me that she didn't know where my sister was..I asked her to inform me if she got any information and left the place. The next morning Neha hanged herself. And her father called me over phone and told me that my sister was in their home, and asked me to come there immediately. I rushed there at once, and there was all set to trap me. On arriving there i got to know about her death. I was shocked on hearing their allegations. They tied me up and did all forms of torture they could do before the police came to rescue me. Her family also hurted my mother .they spared no pains to defame us in our society. Police arrested me and kept me in the lock up that day. But the recovery of her sucide note turned the upside down., where she clearly mentioned about her affair with a boy of her neighbourhood. She had written as the relationship was not working, she took the decisive step. Her parents knew about her relationship,and so to save their honour they tried to bury the truth. They tried to conceal the actual cause of her death by holding me as the culprit.. At that time I felt like a fish out of water.. The hopeless police officers sent me to the court next day ,and from there i was sent to juvenile jail. Because of all this mess, i had to lose an important educational year. My father had also lodged a complaint against them. On the next 16th december The Court has summonded us for witness in that case. Till now we havent consulted with any advocate.. Give me some advice how to proceed . Should we file a defamatory case separetly? Later I came to know that the other boy was arrested. But the court has not declared me innocent yet.. I dont know what to do.,please guide me..