Court procedure

Sir, My wife lodged a chain snatch (25 g) complaint recently. Police seem to catch the accused(Bihar gang) and we ought to settle for 10 g. We were told to submit any chain in the PS and collect the same from the court. I went to the court with my wife (one leg fractured) and 7 months old son early morning 11:00 AM. They made us to wait until 5:00 PM evening. And then one advocate came and asked us to pay 5000 Rs to manage as we don't have surety. Since I don't have much knowledge about surety or the process, I ended up paying 4000 rs after negotiation. Finally my advocate took us to the Judge for my case hearing. But by then, judge was about to leave and asked us to come back tomorrow. I pleaded him as my wife leg was injured and with 7 months old kid its not possible to take the same pain again. Finally he agreed and returned our chain. Judge told us to come back again on final hearing. Need Help: 1. This is first time in my life ever went to PS or court. Waiting for so long with my injured wife and little kid was a torture for us. I thought that 4000 rs was just exploitation. could you tell us what is the correct procedure? what is the right approach in this case 2. How should I prepare my self for final hearing to escape extortion? Thanks, Ravi.