False counter case under sc st act by RPO passport office .

on 17 oct i went to passport office for applying passport for my mother , we had passed two counters and at counter c ( PGO ) Passport granting officer , i asked in humble way whether i can get passport for my mother POST VERIFICATION of police , he shouted and thrown file towards my mother , the very moment i gave complain in the feedback box , and met with higher officials , i was assured action will be taken , after which i send fax, mails and so many calls , but till 25/11/20104 i was being said enquiry is going on , very soon i will get reply . on 25/11/2014 i received call from police station under which passport office is , to come at police station , i went there , to my surprise , by SI of police station i was said there is a complain from passport office against you under sc st act forwaded by SSP office , from 1 pm till 6 pm i was mad sit over there under supervision of one constable , when i requested some of my friends , and after getting calls from higher officials the SI asked me to go home and come tomorrow at 9.30 am ( 26/11/2014 ) for settlement , and even asked to sign PR BOND . when i denied to sign or write anything , they asked me to go but remind me to come on 26/11/2014 at 9.30 am . yesterday i went and gave in written i dont have any complain against passport employee's . now my question is , in more than 40 days i didnt get any reply from passport office , and how can false case can be lodge forwaded by SSP office . it means indirectly it was threatning , blackmailing , mental harrassment to withdraw my complain . Please give your valuable reply. RAJIV RANJAN