My Husband's frnd chetaed 7.5 lakhs

My husband has helped his colleague RS 7.5 lakhs without any interest in chennai.We started to ask for repayment of money since June 2014 as we got married on june 2014 and my husband need it..Since then they denied to return money.We have proofs(Bank trnsaction ,mails n msg) we showed in company and proved it.With the help of comapny people(MD,VP,Head Hr) ) She agree to pay within 2-3 month.We waited but no result.......again after 2 month we followed her on repayment but she gave time..Mean while she resigned n her last working day is 31st Dec.Atlst she gave 4 cheques -(1 lakh on Jan 31st...1Lakh on April..2-2 lakh on aug n Dec 2015) .We told her to sign in a affidative incase of cheques bounce they ll be responsibe ....But she and her husband deny and msged in whats app..".if u dont want to keep do what ever u want'''' Company have restricted to file any complain till she leavse company and in case I file any case I have to leave comp..they are permanet resident of kanyakumari ..ours in orissa..We(colleague and we ) all works in chennai in rent. .They ll leave company once getting settlement (PF,Company settlement) up to 20 lakh..pls suggest what steps to take?How to extract from them..Civil suit ll take lot of time.Can i File police complian though they leaves chennai to kanyakumari..Pls suggest