I am raising this clarification on behalf of my mother Since 1990 my mother staying with her parent's house after my father divorce case, this divorce case executed in both Chennai High court & Egmore court. my Maternal mother & father said verbally promised to my mother that they will take care of my mother life and their kids even my maternal mother & father death this was happened after divorce case in 1990. my maternal mother was expired in 1998 & my maternal father was expired in 2007. Now my mother's co brother & sisters are forcing to my mother has to vacate the house. then they will give the settlement to mother share. But my mother willing to live this house as long as her life as said by my maternal mother & father. Hence is there any legal option to stop the vacating my mother from the house ? 1. The house total area is 368 sq ft. 2. my mother co elder brother is one & elder sisters are three persons. 3. my mother only paying all government statutory payment i.e. house taxes, water taxes, Electricity bill, etc. since 1990. 4. my mother having proof of staying over i.e. ration card, voter id, court notification. please give your options to execute from our side. Thanks & Regards, R.Rajasekaran