Action against Fraudulent VISA agency (Canada Student Visa)

Respected Sir/Madam, Need some guidance on what action we can take against fraud agencies who help students with their VISA application process for overseas education? We paid the representative of Pangea Advisories in Andheri Mumbai, miss anshumita singh to assist us for the admission of my sister for an undergraduate course in a canadian university. She withheld my sisters passport and other documents under the false pretence that she has made the visa application for over a year. All the university admission documents turned out to be fake. The canada visa she provided us was also fake. We found this out on the day my sister was supposed to take her flight to Canada. As you might imagine this has not only caused 1 year of wasted time for my younger sister but we have lost alot of money which Miss Anshumita owes us back. After doing some investigation I found out that she has done similar fraud against quite a few people and yet continues to run her business. We feel she is part of a bigger group of people who run this organised crime. We reported this to the local police station where her office is located and looks like she knows the police inspectors who did not take any action against our complaint. I need urgent advise on what action we can take against her and how we can recover our money. My sister is under emotional trauma and so is the family. your help will be much appreciated.