Partition Deed/self-acquired Property

I have a question on the partition deed prepared to dispose self acquired assets. My father passed away without a will in 2005. There is a house and a plot(self -acquired) on his name which now is considered for partition between legal heirs. My mother along with both my sister's and myself (son) left as legal heirs. When preparing partition deed : 1. How does the liabilities which my father incurred calculated/adjusted. He had few loans and acquired some cost towards his cancer treatment which was paid by me in years 2005/2006 ? 2. He saved some deposits with my sister's nomination which were matured and paid to them in 2011. should these be considered as his assets as well ? 3. Since my mother is not earning and depends on my father's pension which is not enough to cover her monthly expenses, is she entitled to additional money under partition to cover future health/other expenses ? 4. Since both my sister's were married and gifted money before 1998 while my father was alive, any of the cost spent towards their marriage considered as amount already paid to them in partition deed ? 5. What are the other costs associated to complete all the formalities for the partition deed.