Family arrangement/partition

“A” and “B” are Bros. Both Filed I.T. in the status HUF They bought fixed assets out of the funds from ancestral business in their names and in their Major & minor sons names 25 years back A has two sons one was Major ( A-1) and another was minor (A-2) 25 years back “B” has Three sons all the sons were minor ( B-1 ,B-2, B-3 ) 25 years back. During the year 2002 between A & B they had a mutual family arrangement and shared & exchanged properties by allotting schedules for “A” & “B” the fixed assets earned as mentioned above and purchased in the minor & major sons names( by a registered deed) signed by “A” & “B” only (A-1 not signed ) During the year 2005 “A” has arranged a family arrangement( not registered ) between himself and his two sons (A-1 & A-2 ) and shared fixed assets ( based on the allotted schedules between “A” & “B”) and not allotted proper share to the son ( A-1 ) and “A” expired during the year 2008. During the life time “A” executed some settlement deed of fixed assets to the other son A-2 Now pls clarify whether the family arrangement signed by “A” & “B” during 2002 without the sign of A-1 is a valid one. Also clarify whether the settlement deed executed by “A” in favour of A-2 is a valid one Shall A-1 can question the family arrangement made during 2002 between “A” & “B” now. Is there any limitation period to challenge the above ? pls clarify