Transfer of property as mentioned in Will

Hello, My grand parents left a registered Will for 4 children and it was clearly mentioned in the will that other children (8 children) do not have any right over this property. For second property there was no registered Will. But one of my uncle claims that he has document that it belongs to him. I verified the patta and the name is still in my grand mother name. Both the properties are in Pondicherry. Now the whole issue is being dragged by one of the uncle who is also part of the Will and so after 3 years of my grand mother death no compromise is found. My mother is also mentioned in the Will and is one of the beneficiary. I was thinking of getting a probate from Madras Hight court saying that the Will is valid since some of them questioned the validity of the Will. But I was told that it will take 10 to 12 years to obtain the probate and we need to pay lot of money. All the land registration documents for both the property are with this uncle and we have only the registered copy of the Will. So I don't see how to go about this problem since the advice we get is not very encouraging. Our first intention was to share among all 12 children both the properties but some of my uncles and aunties simply want to sideline us i.e. to remove our share as we wanted to sell the properties for market price instead of their price which was less than gouvernment price. So now we decided to see if there is way to execute the Will meaning four children are the right owners of the first property and all 12 children for the second property. I don't know if this is a good idea. I thought of it to push one of the uncle to come for discussions and also share the documents. So could you give your valuable suggestions on how to handle this case legally as we don't see any discussions taking place among them. How to get a copy of the land registration from this uncle since he is not willing to give to other members? Thank you. Anand