parking issue

I own a flat in a building consisting 4 flats n stilt parking in goa. One flat owner has influenced the builder and got his parking marked in sale deed and I have not done the same. Upon talking to builder he realised that he done a mistake by allotting him a wrong parking, which is below my flat. The parking has been rovided as free n no charge has been given by any flat owner, builder now want to retrieve that parking and want to set all parkingfree as common for all. Since, the parking had been marked in the sale deed:- 1. Can it be retrieved and be allotted asfree to all. 2. That other flat owner who got the parking marked in sale deed is creating problem to others and not allowing others vehicle to pass through his claimed parking, as the one who want to park his car in inner parking has to go through his parking only. 3. He is doing all this despite he dont have a car even. Please advice accordingly, as builder also ready to reverse the allotment, beib vBulletin a small builder he dont have much experience.