false accusations of rape

My brother had consensual relationship with a married female with her will and consent for about 6 months. Her husband was living outside and she used to approach him. but since last 2 month he refused to entertain her. she now has lodged complaint against him n my family on sec 376 ipc but later she backed off and settled. At that time police collected certain Affidavit from both of us that we will never face each other in future and any action wont be taken , and some other things of consequences written there. Later she again approached him again saying that she again complaint to police about family but still he refused to tlk her. she again went to police and this time police has arrested my brother without any investigation. We had bailed out rest family but he is still arrested. We have all evidence in our favour the text messages she used to send my brother clearly suggested her interest in my brother for only sexual relationship. But still we cannot bail our brother. My lawyer with me went to collect the copy of bond so as to free him earlier. But police officers refused. Please anybody guide me what to do now