I think she trapped me and now forcing me to marry her

3 years ago we became friends on facebook. We became best friends. She was calling me everyday. Most of the time she was crying because her previous boyfriend left her after sex. Many times she was telling me that She don't want to live anymore. As she was calling me all the time I was afraid that If she commits suicide I'll get arrested for questioning. And also I was good friend So I always convinced her not to do that. She was mostly crying because her parents also wanted her to get married. And they were using any language to talk with her. She was always telling these to me. After 2 years She was like I am alone. I haven't got anything my life. What should I Do??? She asked me why you talk to me ?? I said I am good friend. I was not having any intentions about love or anything. She said I love you. I refused. This things happened again again. She was like crying all the time. After that she said Please Love me. Don't marry me. Even I will not marry you. You can have sex, you can do anything and don't marry me. If you get new girlfriend, you can leave me. If you want to marry another girl, you can marry her and left me. I refused this for a lot of time. But she was crying a lot so finally I agreed. Then on phone she started talking dirty. She was saying that what will you do If you will get married. This all made me feel creepy. But she was all serious, she came to my city. As I was living in PG. She said she wants to live in Lodge. There she convinced me to have sex. We had it. But I did a big fight on phone when she went to her city. We rarely talked next 3 months. But here comes my mistake. I said I want to have sex but no strings attached. This will be just for night. She said come. she suggested the lodge and all plan. When we went in room she said I'll get pregnant if we have sex. I asked, what if I use protection?? she agreed. I used protection for Sex. When I came back to my city she said protection didn't work. she is pregnant. I convinced her to take medicines and abort it. She did it. But now she is telling me to marry her or else she will complain about me having forceful sex or I did sex by deception. She is 2 years elder than me. She is from different caste. Also she has a past that is gonna matter to my family. I am in big problem. Nothing in this is a lie. Please give me advice on this. I really Don't want to get married with her. If she complains about me in police that will crack my career. Please help. I know I have typed a very big problem. Please give me your valuable time and help me in this.