blackmail form husband's first family

hi, am a women i have married a man how have already married i mean am his second wife and we are not leaving together from the day of marriage. actually our marriage has been registered n his first marriage has not been registered. now on the force of the first wife and his parents i have filed divorce because they were blackmailing me emotionally. after that i dint get any intimation from the court for hearing. already 2 hearing had been completed i have not attended the court. because i am not interested in divorce but now their family is blackmailing me by keeping my documents marks cards and all that if i attend the hearing they give back otherwise they will not give anta but i love him a lot i don't want to get get divorce their lawyer is blackmailing me that if i don't attend the court she will send summons to my parents house with court person and police i am scared what to do please get me advice i am faidoff of this life thinking to commit suicide