College holding educational Transcripts without notice

Hi, I am Mohammed a Bangalore university Graduate and my college staff (some of them) are in collusion with a certain character who on racial bias was removed from the counselling position while i was a student because he insulted me for my religious affiliation. Now after four years of the incident my Degree Convocation is being held in the college premises wrongfully, every-time i go to check on the status they say the certificate is not issued by the University but when i approached University office they tell me it is already sent to college a year ago. if i take this to the notice of the trustee this will be covered up like last time. Four years ago the managing trustee had requested me to not go ahead with a lawsuit against this madman as it would tarnish the image of their institution, which i respectfully accepted but now i am haunted by the idea that this might affect me later in another way if i do not take stringent action against the people responsible. I have the conduct certificate and provisional degree certificate issued by the college and I needed my Convocation to pursue US CPA professional course which I am one year behind now after preparation. I work night shifts with a prestigious organisation hence it is very difficult for me to visit college that is 10 kms away and wait there to get the same answer this has been going on for a year now, the university is 30 kms away from my place and I am trying to gather proof of delivery of my certificate from 2 months but unable to do so. I am paying this price for standing up for myself and winning an argument not to forget the insults like BASTARD and PAKISTANI yelled at me in front of 50 people. I am not a lawyer but this is unconstitutional and outrageous by any standards. I seek your advice on this issue as I wanna do my homework and collect evidence correctly against the college so that action is taken permanently this time.