land problems between brother?

Sir my name is praveen reddy from hyderabad,i have 12 acar land in my village. The problm is we have teak trees in our land,we approched forest dept for the permmetion to cut those trees,at that time my dads brother's elder son put an application to stop those process.he put the application as "the trees has grown by our grand father so i have share in that tree",then we approched our relatives and take aggrement to withdraw those application from his father and given to the officer.... know he is askng and troubling us to exchange the land position which we are there right now. Family histry: our grand father has 2 sons ( my father(late) and elder father) total land of 20 acers has equaly given nearly 25 years back.after that my father purchesed 2 acers of land from he is asking for changing the total land possitions( our land to him and his land to us) what to do sir.... I am thinking to teach a lession to him..please give me a good suggesion to attack him legaly.