Please Help My Wife harassing Me and My Family

Hello, I am 33 Year old man, I got married in 2010 to a girl who is 04 year younger to me. We have 3 Year old Child too. It was a arrange marriage, we typically belong to U.P but i have been born and brought up in Mumbai, The girl is from Faizabad district. We have done a simple marriage and my family is always against the dowry. Even my family status is good compare to them, they have a small pan stall as a family business. Where I am working professional. From the day of my marriage there was some indifference between our family, we brought almost a expensive sari and jewelry to them but they said they don't like the quality and the weight is also too light. Then after marriage she started harassing me for everything, even 02/03 local doctor told me that she need psychiatrist as her behavior was not normal. Though my office timing was 09 -06, you all know in today's life if the office timing is 09-06 it doesn't mean that we all can log-out sharp at 06pm, so where ever i used to get late she used to ask me lots of question about my whereabouts, why i am late and all silly question, She even now started abusing my mother and father, if they even ask for a single cup of Tea. She was typically a housewife, her work was to prepare morning tiffin for me and my younger brother, washing utensils, afternoon lunch with the help of my mother. Most of the other work like taking care of our child was done by my parents, because she was not taking care properly, she used to just sit and ask that 02 year child to come to her a get feed-up, and if he didn't go to her she used to eat her lunch and dinner and go for sleep. My mother dint like this attitude so she used to take care of her grand-son. From last year 2013 she was telling everyone in my family that my mother has prepare the divorce paper and we will book you under false case. This year in May her bother was having marriage so her mother and brother came to mumbai to take her with them, even at that time she was fighting with my mother and using a foul language that no other girl can used in front of her mother-in law, my younger brother has recorded this thing on his cell phone where she is abusing me and my mother. Now the thing is that they went to women cell for help when i was having my return ticket from UP to mumbai July, and they said in front of SHO that i kidnapped my child and i was taking him with me without intimating them, but the truth is that we were having her tickets too with us, but she dont wanted to come only, we showed this ticket to SHO, I was worry about my son's schooling as it was already a month after school reopens. Now every alternate month she calls me and harassing me and saying that they will file a false complaint about my family. Now I want to know few things from expert 1) If she want divorce, i am ready to give it what about my son? I know he don't have any future in UP they are not educated people they have lie to us. And I am not ready to live him there. 2) Where i can go and complaint about her? 3) If she is not well mentally then how i can complaint against her parents as they has told us that she is normal. (Why i feel she is not mentally stable just because once i asked her who was the 1st resident of India you will laugh if you hear her answer, she told me that her history subject was different, where is has just learn about the President of UP? she even dont know the meaning of gynecologist, she even don't know our address even after 04 years of marriage. 4) She is not only mentally harassed me but she has physically harassed me, whenever she was angry she used to bite me, abuse me. 5) She has not love for the child, she is staying in her mother's place from May, and my son is with me in Mumbai, she has never call to know about his health, schooling etc whenever i got a call from her or her mother they just speak shit out of it. They are calling for the money which they have spent during our marriage, so in that case we also spent almost double money during marriage and not even taken the dowry. 6) They are just harassing us for no reason. My mother is taking care of my child from the day 01, even till date she is taking care of him. 7) How to proof that they are just doing it for Money? 8) What action should i take as a immediate action to stop all this non-sense. Awaiting your reply