I need divorce from my wife. How should i proceed?

I need divorce from my wife. How should i proceed? In first 2 years of marriage, We stayed together away from my parents as i worked in a different city. Since we started having to much of troubles, i asked her to stay at her parents house but after a month her father along with her mother and herself forced ( as he would not relent and my parents didnt object as they felt there is some hope) into our house. All this time my father was suffering/getting operated/recovering(i was present for main events). He suffered from fever for several days and my wife decided to go to her parents house for her friends angagement. She didnt return for a week and then finally my mother somehow managed to shift him to hospital. She never calls and enquires about wants going on. I left my job and started preparing to come back and informed her myself that my father is in hospital but requested her not to go see him till i return which she refused and still went ahead. I requested her to atleast stay at her parents house till i come back as my mother would be alone with her(she has threatened my mother before/snatched a cheque from her hand etc.). She is at her parents house for almost a year now. I had requested her to stay there as my father was in the last stage of cancer and suffering and he didnt want any more trouble from her end till his end. In 3 years of marriage we had trouble getting along with each other. We discussed getting divorced 1000 times, she agreed many times mutually & calmly and many times asked for divorce from everyone in my house except our pet cat(died within 3 months after my father passed away), whenever she got upset. Her other traits are deciding some morning that she is going to her parents house for few days(staying away as long as she wants and returns on her own or after few phone calls from us to come back). This happens without her getting upset or even if she is upset (most of the times demanding divorce). We have asked her to write it on stamp paper and give it to us but she refuses. Now i am asking her to get mutual concent divorce she has refused and asked me to talk to her father and not to worry as he would help me. But when i called to talk to father she disclosed that her father is not willing for divorce and has asked her to leave house if is wants decide on her own and she has no choice but to listen to him. Her father called me after a minute and asked me to arrange a community meeting with few members from his side and he would get few from his side and asked me they will decide what should happen. He will listen to their dicision. Problem is that i dont have anyone from my family on myside(mama/uncle/cousins). They have always asked/advised/pressurised me against divorce. I have tried to ask him what would happen if i still want to end this marriage by divorce(preferably by mutual consent) but he refuses to talk any further and keeps asking me for a date and time for that meeting within a month. I have requested him to sit with me and discuss about it but he refuses and says it will happen his way. When i asked him to tell me who is coming from his side, he mention one of his consins who is ex-tadipar (some ex-local goon). I requested him to not to get such people as it only esclate the situation and i dont want any trouble. Basically i feel threatened. But he turned down my request. My worry is that even if i agree for this meeting they will still try to get me in trouble and take me to police station or register a police complaint(harrasment/498a ... ). Initially i had requested/pleaded to her and his father not to come to my house as my father does not want to them to see him suffering so badly. They agreed for sometime but one day she suddenly came home and i politely requested her to wait till father gets well or come only if he agreed for her to come(after she left my cousin/mama called and pressurised as to take her in home but my father still refused). Citing this reason her father mentioned that he could have gone to police station for keeping his daughter away or she could done something to herself. How should i proceed?