police judiciary not taking action in section 498

Dear sir Kindly give your precious time to read my mail. we whole family is in big trouble and tension. whatever i have wrote is truth, nothing is even 1% wrong. this is a query regarding section 498 case of my sister. i am from kurukshetra, haryana. My father is retired from Bank. my sister named "sonia" got married in 2008 in rewari , my father spend around 20 lacs in my sister's marriage. my jiju named " Rahul" works in PNB. From very first day , her in laws started creating problem for sister for dowry. rahul's elder brother is SP in kolkata so hez creating problem for us. then she lives with rahul in patiala as rahul was posted in patiala. again, rahul beat sonia several time,but as sonia dont want to create tension for her parents, so she never reveals these, then rahul send sonia to kurukshetra in 2010 and said her to stay there till he will call her back to patiala. but he didn't call her, didn't recive sonia call, sonia called to her laws, they said not to call there. then my father and me went to rewari at their hometown, where rahul and her laws beated sonia in front of us and said not to come here again, sonia fainted and we went to hospital and take her back to kurukshetra. then again around 8 to 10 times we went to rewari but there parents closed the door and warn us not to come again. then in jan 2012 , we , by our sources comes to know that rahul is posted in amritsar, we went to amritsar, where we caught him with another girl , this whole case went to police, but rahul feel sorry n sonia forgive him n dey start living together. then in 2012 he was posted in chennai, he went there by saying to sonia that he will call him whenever he will get house, but no call from him and his mobile got off , his parents stops responding to us. now in dec 2013, rahul filed a cases against sonia of section 9 ( now he has withdrawn this case), then we filed a complaint in women cell kurukshetra of section 498, where women cell people abuses us , and said everything against us, rahul beated sonia in front of us but women cell people didn't say anything, and rahul also said " my brother is SP , police can't do anything us, we will buy judges also. We went to Kurukshetra SP again, he said he can’t do anything , go to judiciary. then we hoped lot from court, we filed case against them of Section 125, where they paid huge bribe to our advocate, his salary was around Rs 56,000 + HRD 15,000 but court ordered only Rs 10,000. and when we come out, rahul said we have also paid huge amount to judge, and in reality, judge was favoring him only, judge said to get separate, not to live if he don't want to live, judge put best pressure on sonia to withdraw case. now rahul have also filed divorce case. we cant we do in this ? 1st we dont have any trust on advocates as they can pay huge money , and we pay their fees in installment. 2nd can be happen in section 498 case, then where will go ? if dey pay bribe to judges as they don't have any shortage of money ? 3rd what shall we do ? In short We have photo proofs of dowry medical reports of doctor when they beated sonia in front of us in rewari. when we caught rahul with another girl , that news published in newspaper, we got that cutting for that also. bank even took action against rahul for the above incident , we got proof for that also. PLEASE GUIDE US. WE BELIEVE IN GOD. MY SISTER SAYS " IN HINDU WE GOT MARRIAGE ONCE '" SO SHE CAN'T MARRY AGAIN". AND SHE WANTS TO LIVE IN REWARI, AS MY SISTER LAWS HAS DESTROYED MY SISTER'S LIFE , AND MY PARENTS HEALTH. WE ALL ARE IN DEEP DEPRESSION.