Abusing women

My cousin (female) works in an office and got a recent promotion as an Administrator of a branch. Few of her colleagues of a different department out of jealousy and with instigation by the departing Administrator complained to the COO about herself being loose character and poor in behavior and having illegal relation with his boss. She got promoted through recommendations of her immediate boss and Regional Manager thereafter getting approved by COO and top management team upon checking her good service records and achievement sheet for the tenure of her service. One day when her boos was on an official / business tour the COO came to office and within a closed chamber alleged her on behalf of all complaining colleagues with filthy notes and indications thereby humiliating her for around half an hour. Thereafter called each and every employee and discussed with the same topic which caused the entire day pass by and thereby keeping her within such humiliating environment. She got under tremendous mental pressure and panic and upon reaching office the very next day fainted within 30 minutes and a physician had to be called for further diagnostics and treatments. Post diagnosing her, the Physician clearly mentioned in front of senior branch colleagues and COO that out of tremendous mental agony and pressure/panic this thing happened if recurs she needs to be admitted into a hospital for further treatment. COO left the very same day/afternoon thereby leaving the topic behind for further discussion and continuation. Her ill state is still continuing and she is under a mental trauma but continuing her job. When her boss arrived yesterday she disclosed everything and other senior colleagues also disclosed as what happened thereby accusing the COO to illegally carrying such discussion which humiliated her and enabled her adapting to the trauma. Her boss being gentle and cooperative has ensure to take the matter forward to a higher level than a COO in order to earn justice and prestige for her. Please suggest the next course of action by her boss and her family.