husband to file rcr or divorce?

sir i got married 15th jan 2014 by registered marriage then by hindu rituals on 3rd feb. we live westbengal,hoogly. but after our honeymoon our problem started. my husband is a state govt officer and live northbengal. my inlaws live near calcutta. he is the only child of his parents. same as i.but i am not working studying m.ed .. their was continued problems due to over interfere of my inlaws. my mil such dominating women absued me and even once hit me.. after my marriage my inlaws said i cannot continue study . but my husband agreed. now on 12th july he left me to my parents home for my exm.. my last exm was on 10th aug but it prospond to 24th aug. my father asked my fil to give permission for staying he disagree and said that we are lier and havenot told that i will study..and said so much bad things. then my mother called and request him he again disagree. then my mother called my husband and i talk with him .. said u knew my exm prosponed. he agreed. next day y mother called him he said talk to my father, my mother talk with him and told him plz send him on 24th he will pick me. hes aid again bad things and say i use my husband for my own benefits and donot listen their and said he will tell later and cut the phone.i was so angry to hear this and stopped talking with my husband. he also didnt called me. after 24th my father told his father plz take me he said a list of falls about me father also said i also tell u what ur son did. and after hearing he cut the phone. next day hubby called me and we his father told my father such lies. then we both stopped talking. after 10days his parents send letter by rg post saying why i left my husband. i always do this. they always come to me and pleade to me to go back to their son. and i donot care about their and his sons feelings!!!!!!!!!1 i was shocked like what the hell is this. they never came.. when my mother send me after quarrel they told i went to their feet. then again they send a reminder with xerox of previous letter. next i answered saying i will go back just send my husbanda my parents are old enough and pacemaker and insulin dependent patient. and my husband live north bengal,he never come to pick me never. always my father went to their station to drop me with my luggage.even not attending jAMAISATHI, why he is not contacting me . also wrote that despite my mil's slap and her humiliation i have not told anyone.then they send a 6 page long letter saying i am a lier .my husband has no time to pick me as he is busy officer.and i used my husband he bought me watch, mobile , i overused nescafe, amul spray, rice,dal etc. i bought dresses like i never were before my marriage. they also said bad things about my parents profession like medicine shopkeeper is not a doctor as my husband is a doctor! and said change urself otherwise will not take back u. then after few days their lawyer called me to go to her firm and said his version is otherwise from his parents. i said no its nothing big just told him to talk and take me. then i send letter to him just telling that i love u and take me plz come.he wrote yesterday that after hearing they have lawyer my love has rekindled and wrote he is not interested in this marriage and his lawyer will take action. i also send a letter to their parents about their 6 page long accusation. they send letter again and told me not to bother them and if i want then can contact their lawyer. what to do plz help.will they file divorce or rcr? i have some recorded telephonic conversation as proof. if they file case can i use those?