Claim Stridhan-2 years of marriage

Hello, I am 27 years old girl and belong to a Banglore.I was married 2 years ago to a boy based in Agra.It was an arranged marriage.I was a working woman prior to marriage My sister in law was living alone in delhi and they wanted me to go delhi for job while my husband was still living in Agra as he was having his job there I was told that he will soon come to delhi as he is looking out for job there and that is is matter of just 2-3 months.I moved to delhi as I got job there, after 6 months of marriage in a rented flat with my sister in law. For 6 months my sister in law lived with me and then she changed the job and moved to some other city.It was more than a year and my husband didnt move in nor allowed me to leave the job and come back, giving fake assurances He just used to pay occasional visits and forced me to come agra taking leaves from job for some or the other reason.Also he never supported me financially His sister in law was very abusive with me and his mother used to ask me for cash/gifts in name of "RITI RIWAZ" very often .They also went for vacations without me and once took me with them when i paid for my own expense I left the job and came back to my parents place.There is no communication between both of us for past 2 month.I want to claim my stridan and all my belongings from them.My questions are as below: 1 If I straightway go to my husband's place and they refuse to give me,what should me my next step? 2 Should I first file a case,lodge an FIR and then go to claim my stridhan? 3 Can they refuse to give me my stridhan when i visit them and in turn say that she has already taken all her stridhan 4 Can I file a case of domestic violence against them ?