Uptu not giving btech degree

Hi, I am a student from UPTU and writing this to know the process of legal proceedings against Director and University. I have got back in 2nd year which I cleared later but the total minimum marks needed in an individual semester which is 1000/2000 (50%) of total was not achieved.I was short of 55 (got 945/2000) which is why my degree was not awarded and this was notified to me after i cleared my back exam after my fourth year completion. Upon knowing this I gave 3 exams again in order to hit that 50% + aggregate in that semester.Now after all these time waiting for the results to show up on site only for one exam the marks were updated.The other 2 subjects its still showing old marks. I have been visiting the college went to UPTU Lucknow several times but they always say we are looking into it and please give us more time.I am totally fed up and in a very bad mental state due to all this trauma created by UPTU. I am seeking legal proceedings to file a RTI+ CASE against the director and to get my actual numbers with my result updated for the sem which I gave carry over paper. Thanks