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Advocate, Rajasthan High Court, Jaipur.

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Ashish Davessar's Answers

  • My wife has put a false dowry and Dv.The police arrested me on 16th march 2017 after that there is no follow up on court or there is not even a single hearing.After this we...
  • Regarding permission for live-in relationship
    This question was kept private
  • One of my friend got an IPC 420 was that he recieved 7000 from 6 people for providing the matter is settled outside and he paid the amount to one one of the...
  • Accused aged 62 M(with bypass surgery) is in Jail Custody after under section 370(3) IPC, along with sections 3, 4, 5 and 7 of the Immoral Traffic (Prevention) Act (ITPA). He...
  • Hi   I am a female of 28 yrs, currently non working ( education- CA Inter). I got married 4 yrs back to a software engineer & with time I got to know my husband is a emotional...
  • Hello, 3 of my mothers sisters who are unmarried jointly then the gifted deed of there jointly owned residing property to my mother.  One of the three sisters expired in 2015....
  • Hi  i am maried since 4 years amd have a 3 yrs old son...from very begining my husband and in laws dint let me live in thr house as less dowry was 4 years my husband...
  • In appointing letter stated that all appointments are subject to final judgement of supreme court ( SLP pending)and pending cases before various court,but before final judgement...
  • Rajammal was living in a village for more than two decades and was granted patta by the taluk office. Since her hut couldn't afford the natural calamities, she gave it to one of...
  • What kind of control does state government authority ( district level/state level) have on NGO which is yearly funded from central government?    Do they have authority to...

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