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Advocate, Rajasthan High Court, Jaipur.

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Ashish Davessar's Answers

  • Respected Sir,  My marriage was in 2010,me from kerala and she from mumbai.Both are working and equally qualified.A child born out of wedlock 2013.She left matrimonial home...
  • I have been working in reputed company since 2015 and enrolled in corporate 2 years full  MBA program in 2016 sponsored by company with no bond and Program will be ended on...
  • My flat at Ghaziabad ,UP is in joint name with my father. Mine is first name.I want to gift my share to my mother thru gift deed.What will be the stamp duty rate and on what...
  • Innocent man framed wrongly
    This question was kept private
  • Hi,    I have a female colleague which has been making snide and disrespecting remarks at me at the workplace. I have let it go on a not taken it seriously since it was within...
  • Hello,   I(plaintiff) have a proper registered document for my land. Defendant claims the same property as his but has submitted documents of a different survey number all...
  • My father expired in Jan 2018. In total, we have three properties, two in Navi Mumbai and one in Pune.  The two in Navi Mumbai are joint with my Mother and Father. The one in...
  • Hello sir, my husband died due to suicide 7 months ago , till now my in-laws have not given any allegations against me regarding this. But I myself have filed a complaint saying...
  • Me, My husband and 1 year old kid residing in US, We are working in IT , Am in H4 EAD Visa previously was in H1B visa.Am from chennai and my husband is from Hyderbad ,we were...
  • My father( deceased in 2000) had made a will for the home that he had built in Bangalore Karnataka. We are three brothers & 4 sisters. Mother is  alive. The will (not...

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