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Advocate, Rajasthan High Court, Jaipur.

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Ashish Davessar's Answers

  • What is the best way to deal with a situation in which the police is not forthcoming with the charges and is harassing the whole family? Should one surrender or file a complaint...
  • Hello Sir- i got married in Dec 2012. My wife is a law graduate but not a practicioner but working in outsourcing firm. immediately after marriage my sister in law came and then...
  • Sir/Madam,   I am a 27 year old girl. My parents have been putting extreme pressure on me for past many years to marry without my approval. I want to legally end my relation...
  • My father was an adopted son of Mr.krishnarao. He grew up along with Mr Krishnarao's other  two biological childrens Mr. X and Mr. Rangarao.     Mr. X died at the young age....
  • Respected Sirs, I am Pltff (in Hubli, Karnataka)  in civil case against next property owner and 2 major sons, who encroached my land when I live in Madurai, about 9 years before...
  • Can a Pil be filed against the reservations of quotas for the candidates in the municipality elections? & also for the announcement of reserved constituancies to be made 6...
  • Dear sir/madam,    I did get loan from Shriram finance Rs-3L and i did pay 10 instalment  after this i was unable to pay.At the time of disburse of loan i did give blank to them...
  • right in  ancestral properties of father  my story;-  i am single daughter of my father.2 year before my father has mom(widow) alive. my grand father alive. all...
  • Hi,  My Question is that is there any law regarding extension of roof which is related to one owner ie.( Party A) and ground floor is related to other owner  Ie.( party B)  but...
  • Hi. I want to leave my in-laws home and husband as they have made my life hell. I do want to make it all legal but if I ll file case before leaving home, they won't let me live...

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