CrPC 371: Section 371 of the Criminal Procedure Code

Procedure in cases submitted to High Court for confirmation

In cases submitted by the Court of Session to the High Court for the confirmation of a sentence of death, the proper officer of the High Court shall, without delay, after the order of confirmation or other order has been made by the High Court, send a copy of the order under the seal of the High Court and attested with his official signature, to the Court of Session.

CrPC 370: Section 370 of the Criminal Procedure Code

Procedure in case of difference of opinion

Where any such case is heard before a Bench of Judges and such Judges are equally divided in opinion, the case shall be decided in the manner provided by section 392.

CrPC 369: Section 369 of the Criminal Procedure Code

Confirmation or new sentence to be signed by two Judges

In every case so submitted, the confirmation of the sentence, or any new sentence or order passed by the High Court, shall when such Court consists of two or more Judges, be made, passed and signed by at least two of them.

CrPC 368: Section 368 of the Criminal Procedure Code

Power of High Court to confirm sentence or annul conviction

In any case submitted under section 366, the High Court,-

  1. may confirm the sentence, or pass any other sentence warranted by law, or
  2. may annul the conviction, and convict the accused of any offence of which the Court of Session might have convicted him, or order a new trial on the same or an amended charge, or
  3. may acquit the accused person:

    Provided that no order of confirmation shall be made under this section until the period allowed for preferring an appeal has expired, or, if an appeal is presented within such period, until such appeal is disposed of.

CrPC 367: Section 367 of the Criminal Procedure Code

Power to direct further inquiry to be made or additional evidence to be taken

  1. If, when such proceedings are submitted, the High Court thinks that a further inquiry should be made into or additional evidence taken upon, any point bearing upon the guilt or innocence of the convicted person, it may make such inquiry or take such evidence itself, or direct it to be made or taken by the Court of Session.
  2. Unless the High Court otherwise directs, the presence of the convicted person may be dispensed with when such inquiry is made or such evidence is taken.
  3. When the inquiry or evidence (if any) is not made or taken by the High Court, the result of such inquiry or evidence shall be certified to such Court.

CrPC 366: Section 366 of the Criminal Procedure Code

Sentence of death to be submitted by Court of Session for confirmation

  1. When the Court of Session passes a sentence of death, the proceedings shall be submitted to the High Court, and the sentence shall not be executed unless it is confirmed by the High Court.
  2. The Court passing the sentence shall commit the convicted person to jail custody under a warrant.

CrPC 365: Section 365 of the Criminal Procedure Code

Court of Session to send copy of finding and sentence to District Magistrate

In cases tried by the Court of Session or a Chief Judicial Magistrate, the Court or such Magistrate as the case may be, shall forward a copy of its or his finding and sentence (if any) to the District Magistrate within whose local jurisdiction the trial was held.

CrPC 364: Section 364 of the Criminal Procedure Code

Judgment when to be translated

The original judgment shall be filed with the record of the proceedings and where the original is recorded in a language different from that of the Court and the accused so requires, a translation thereof into the language of the Court shall be added to such record.

CrPC 363: Section 363 of the Criminal Procedure Code

Copy of judgment to be given to the accused and other persons

  1. When the accused is sentenced to imprisonment, a copy of the judgment shall, immediately after the pronouncement of the judgment, be given to him free of cost.
  2. On the application of the accused, a certified copy of the judgment, or when he so desires, a translation is his own language if practicable or in the language of the Court, shall be given to him without delay, and such copy shall, in every case where the judgment is appealable by the accused be given free of cost:

    Provided that where a sentence of death is passed or confirmed by the High Court, a certified copy of the judgment shall be immediately given to the accused free of cost whether or not he applies for the same.

  3. The provisions of Sub-Section (2) shall apply in relation to an order under section 117 as they apply in relation to a judgment which is appealable by the accused.
  4. When the accused is sentenced to death by any Court and an appeal lies from such judgment as of right, the Court shall inform him of the period within which, if he wishes to appeal his appeal should be preferred.
  5. Save as otherwise provided in Sub-Section (2) any person affected by a judgment or order passed by a criminal Court shall, on an application made in this behalf and on payment of the prescribed charges, be given a copy of such judgment or order of any deposition or other part of the record:

    Provided that the Court may, if it thinks fit for some special reason, give it to him free of cost.

  6. The High Court may, by rules provide for the grant of copies of any judgment or order of a Criminal Court to any person who is not affected by a judgment or order on payment, by such person, of such fees, and subject to such conditions, as the High Court may, by such rules provide.

CrPC 362: Section 362 of the Criminal Procedure Code

Court not to alter judgment

Save as otherwise provided by this Code or by any other law for the time being in force, no Court when it has signed its judgment or final order disposing of a case, shall alter or review the same except to correct a clerical or arithmetical error.