• Can I file a harassment suit against a BPO

I have been told in my former company that bpo's  don't come under the Indian Labor law. Is this true?

I seperated from 2 orgs recently, namely Infosys BPO and FirstSource.

At Infosys, :

1. Asked to wear western business formals all week.
I worked with other bpo's, and there's no such formal dress code. Please tell me which act says that you have to follow the uniform, in this case.

2. Medical:
I am type 1 diabetic for which I have all the medical documents. I was made to work in office for long hours without breaks. You know a diabetic person has to eat something every 2 hours. Any one from the medical field would agree to it. I fainted twice when I was @ Infosys due to my blood sugal level falling down to dangerous level. And instead of taking me to a hospital, they simply took me to the resting area twice and have asked me to pay for this service.

3. Unsafe work enviroment:
A lady in question , hit me with her sandle 3 times. I complained to the operations and the HR, but no action was ever taken. If I have to prove this in court, I can bring at least 10 witness right now, some are still working while others have left.

Moreover, the HR answered to me and said that a lady can always file a sexual or any other harassment concern against a guy but its not the same vice-versa.

4. Salary not given.
Infosys is yet to give me salary for Sept, 2013.

5. Personal belongings taken away by security and never returned:
At the time of joining, I was aked to go to their Mysore campus for training. I was also asked not to carry any memory items like a PenDrive, Hard Disk or a Laptop. I did followed it.

However, since it was a 21 days stay outside my home city, i did took an Induction cooktop and utensils to cook. I cannot eat outside food due to my medical condition mentioned above. The security at Infosys seized all my items despite me showing them the medical documents for the same. In my offer letter from Infosys, its clearly written that do not carry any memory or computer items like a personal laptop, but there is no where mentioned not to carry any other electrical items like an Induction cooktop, Juicer , toaster. 

6. Full and final settlement:
 Infosys has asked me to pay Rs 9000 approx to complete the full and final. I filed a proper seperation with the HR approval.I am not an absconder. If I fail to pay this amount within 15 days, Infosys says it will take legal action on me as appropriate including blacklisting me, that is, putting my name on NASSCOM (with negative rating_- a union for IT and BPO services in India. If this happens, then I will be ineligible to apply in any BPO or IT org ever in my life. 

Firstsource BPO:

Same as 2nd and 4th points in Infosys BPO.Salary and incentives including transport allowance for December, 2013
Asked 4 years ago in Labour from Bangalore, Karnataka

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