• Property transfer from grandfather to my mom after father death

Hi sir i a m a hindu chambhar my father died in 2003 i live in mhada housing which belongs to my grandfather who died years before my father now the property was transferred to my mom in my father presence as he was not well to travel office now after 10 years my fathers sisters claim that it was fraudulently transferred to my mom the mahada room which they need share as it was my granddads property so mhada has transferred the property back to my granddads name even though my fathers 3 sis dint showed interest earlier now they wish to get share as rates are high and filed a fraudulent petition against my mom she owns the electric meter also the ration card and election card on said premises do we get share i mean my mother as my father is dead in 2003 and now that his sisters ask for share equally. their names are not in our ration card and for long years they have showed no interest in the property its only now that the rates are high they wish a share please help sir do we get anything from the grandfathers property as a father is dead long back we maintained the house fro 10+ years renovation n stuff my fathers sisters need 25% share each are eligible even though we stayed since birth and my mother maintained the house.
Asked 3 years ago in Family Law from Mumbai, Maharashtra
Religion: Hindu

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