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what is the punishment for a call girl caught while police raid at her residence in social area?
what is the legal procedure to release her from police custody?
what is sequence of events happen after they are arrested,i mean presentation to magistrate,remand home,or transfer to anath ashram or like that?
if someone is in long relation and has reached till anath ashram is it possible to bail  her out with minimal relation or no relation?
what is approximate judicial charge or bail amount to release such subject
what relation with her needed to bail her out?
can we legally visit the ashram and talk to her?
does any custodial procedure/permission  needed to visit her/talk to her?
if the subject continues same offence after getting bailed out and caught second time ehat are the loss of persue to bail giving persons?
Asked 3 years ago in Criminal Law from pune, Maharashtra
1. She will be prosecuted as per charges levelled against her under immoral Traffic Act & the punishment will vary according to the charges proved,

2. She will sent to jail or remand home,

3. She can apply for bail which she will easily get,

4. Charges vary from person to person & place to place.
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Act is Immoral Traffic Act, she will be prosecuted under the said Act, she will be under the supervision of the court and will face charges as per law of Immoral Traffic Act, apart from that bail application to be made before MM court for release of the girl. Charge may depend on facts and circumstances of the case.
Soumya Kundu
Advocate, Kolkata
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