• Marriage Dispute

1.	My first marriage with Mr.Manoj Kumar s/o Prabhu Lal was an arranged marriage solemnized on 29th April 2004 but it could not been succeeded due to his illicit relationship with a Bengali girl from whom he had kids also but it was unexposed to us before marriage.

2.	That Mr.Manoj Kumar begin cruelty to me since beginning of my marriage and I was continuous victim of Domestic Violence including physical & Mental harassment, injuries during his drunken condition every night verbal & emotional abuse under Life threat. It was very difficult to lead peaceful life with my ex-husband Manoj Kumar and he also had deserted me for that 5 yrs without having any relationship and had not taken any pain about me. Thus, I was compelled to get second marriage with satyam Kumar with his mutual consent .

3.	Because of lack of knowledge of Law without giving the divorce to my husband I got married with Mr. Satyam Kumar S/O Krishna Bhadra in the court at Muzaffarpur on 19th Jan 2009,It is pertinent to note that this marriage was solemnized on Mutual Consent from the both side.( Later it was found that the marriage certificate was just only a affidavit with name chanchala kumari instead of chanchala sinha with my picture.)

4.	That Mr. Satyam Kumar remained with me at a rented house of Mr. Kaushal Kumar S/o Sri Dwarka Prasad at Jamshedpur for next two years (2yrs).Thus, we started a peaceful conjugal Life  after marriage & Resided at Jamshedpur for a longer period.          

5.	That after our Marriage, My Husband, Mr. Satyam Kumar was under extreme mental pressure of his parent and motivated by their nearest relatives including Sisters & Sister in laws who were residing at Jamshedpur to break-up our marriage immediately.    

6.	Thus, Mr. Satyam Kumar, my husband gradually motivated by his Family members and his behavior were suddenly changing against me. And suddenly his behavior has changed and he started Beating & Torturing to its extreme with giving life threat if I did not leave him...

7.	That my husband in between forced me for abortion of my child during pregnancy and threaten me to kill by giving poison or any means if I denied for Abortion.Thus, under life threat, I was forced for abortion of 2 months pregnancy under treatment of Dr. Sanyogita sahay, Kadama, Jamshedpur on 30.6.2011,I compelled to Abortion which constitutes Atrocities against a married woman by her husband.

8.	So, under extreme Mental Agony, I was compelled for ‘Abortion’ by my husband, Mr. Satyam Kumar and I lost my first baby which was straight way violation of Human Rights also apart from other criminal law. It is a fact that my “Abortion” was done without my consent but being poor background and depressed wife, there was no alternative than to accept the forced directives of my husband under life threat.

9.	That my husband , Mr. Satyam Kumar under extreme pressure of parents & close relatives had pre-planned to throw me out from his life and dropped me at my mother’s place Dumra, Sitamarhi in the guise of going to get a job in Mahindra Automobile Company at Delhi on 27th Jan 2012. Thus , my husband Satyam Kumar  had  deserted  me since then and I am residing at my mother’s place,Kailashpuri,Dumra,Distt.Sitamarhi.

10.	After that  I had submitted a complaint against my Husband, Mr. Satyam Kumar about Marriage Dispute to Mahila Aayog- Patna which official Inward NO.-163/12 dt.7.2.2012.

11.	In first hearing they gave the summon to Satyam kumar he appeared in Next hearing and stated that I had still in relationship with my First husband.  So they give summon to my First husband Mr Manoj Kumar.

12.	In next hearing Both were present to Aayog Manoj Kumar stated that he has no relationship with me still yet.  And aayog  associates asked my ex-husband Manoj Kumar Sinha on 29.5.2012 to take permanent Alienation /Divorce from me before them in congenial Atmosphere but he deliberately refused for it with a statement that he will get it from court only.

13.	Thus, he has single ulterior motive to further give me physical & mental harassment knowingly that I may not bear the expenses of court having poor background.

14.	But the Aayog Dismissed this case with reason that it is the matter of manipulated statement (galat bayanbaji).

15.	After that I put divorce petition against my First husband (Manoj Kr.) to Sitamarhi Family court (2012). Here he also stated that I have no relationship with him still yet. But refuse to give divorce with only motive to give physical, economical and psychological harrasment  to us.

16.	He was present in the next three hearing after that he is not present in the court till yet. So now  I am going to get Ex party Divorce probably in next 2 months.

17.	Recently we also hear that the Satyam Kumar is going to marriage. So I gave him a notice under IPC section 494.

18.	Now Satyam kumar with few local Gunda  met with my advocate and threatened him to leave the case. He also threatened our family to not file a case against him. And compensate with him according to his will. But I want either he accepts me or is ready to give compensation with maintainability throughout my life at the law of land... By giving him a lesson for his act.

19.	So sir please assists……
Asked 4 years ago in Family Law from Sitamarhi, Bihar
Religion: Hindu

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